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Karina Katarzyna Sewera


Polish artist born in Poland and living in Norway. Drawing, painting and modeling from modeling clay was her hobby from early childhood. In 2004, she get master's degree of Landscape Architecture in Warsaw and started working in this profession. She have started to sculpt OOAK dolls since 2010. She taught her self from online tips and tutorials. In the years 2010-2014 she ran an online forum conserning ooak. After a few years of break in the years 2014-2017, she returned to making dolls. She lives and works in Norway sine 2014. She does both individual and custom work. Most of dolls that she made are in private collections.


What's inside?

Dreams...and clay:-) Clay is sculpted around strong wire armature. This wire is like a skeletone, it's for support the hole structore. After modeling,sculpting, and smoothing, the figurine is baked in high temperature (ca 230-270F/ 110-130stC). After cooling, doll is painted, dressed and decorated. At the end are added lashes. They are glued one by one. To create doll Karina uses plenty of materials. They are made from polymer clay (Prosculpt, Cernit, Super Sculpey). Softdolls have some parts stuffed (belly, back, bottom, arms, thigs). Hear are from tibetan lamb mohair or viscose, eyes are from glass, there are some self-made from polymer. Figurines are 3,5 - 17inches (9-45cm) tall. This sweet child with cookies has ca 4,7inch (12 cm). She fits to your hand:-) Each figurine is made without using molds or forms. Each is original, One-Of-A-Kind in the world.

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