New Store

Hi!New store on my side is open! Now you can buy directly from my place.  I will put there my available dolls and other crafts, I have also lots of digital graphics that I would like to share with you. I hope you will like it 🙂 I put some prints also on my shop […]

Sweet surprise

Little ones “Well, now that we have seen each other”- said the Little Unicorn –  “If you believe in me, I`ll believe in you.” (Lewis Caroll).  Little Flower isn`t ready yet. She has her body sculpten`, she is painted and has a pink body decorated with flower petals and glitter. She is waiting for skirt,base […]

Happy Easter!

Don`t forget to send Easter wishes to your loved ones! If you have no idea for Easter wishes, my fairies will help you! You can download those pictures and send them via email 🙂

Spring secret

Rubyann Rubyann is an original art doll created from polymer clay. She is 5 inches tall, her head is 1 inch high. All set with wooden root is also 5inches high and 4,5inches wide. Rubyann is shaped from polymer clay and painted with heat-set paints. She has The Blue Buckeye Butterfly wings, auburn red curly […]

Spring secret…

Spring secret…   What does the fox say?…  I already know, but I will keep it secret ad tell you exactly 30 March, it is a time when my monthly calendar will come up 🙂 Click here to get it directly.   First, I have started by sculpting his head and legs, than I have […]

Spring secret…

Spring secret… Let me share a secret with you: a new little fairy has been born! She came to Earth right before Spring and will help trees, flowers, and animals to wake up from the winter dream. It starts from the heart. Then I make eyes, this time in deep blue color. Next, […]

Blue accent in Art Dolls Magazine!

Half page of the International Doll Artists Magasine has turned into blue! In December last year I was participating in little contest, that was publicated in Facebook. I send a photo of Anthony Cornflower and the judges liked him so much, that he was publicated in their Magazine.  The January International Doll Artists Magazine is ready to […]

How to deal with the bear?

tekst White Bear, fluffy bear begins 2021 year! I would like to tell you about a fluffy white bear, that I have recently created. This bear is made from a polymer clay supported by a wire inside, it has a white, synthetic fur. What is he made of? I will describe step by step how […]

Part III: The Blue Snowflake and the Falling Star

The Falling Star Suddenly the sky became dark, and was lightened up by a silver star! It was moving very fast towards them!​ Suddenly the sky become dark, and was lightened up by a silver star! It was moving very fast towards them! -Quick! Turn your magic into this star, it`s falling straight on us!!! […]

Part II:The Blue Snowflake

Looking for the blue snowflake The Bear and two faires were walking through snowy hills. It was snowing. They were smiling and talking. The Fairies noticed that something was wrong, the bear seemed to be too much thoughtful and distracted.​ The Fairies started to asking bear why did he call them, what was the reason […]

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