Hello World! 🌞

There he is! Little Mateusz. He sits and waits patiently for his wings. Mateusz is such an elf who loves toadstools and fairy tales. He could sit for hours and listen to fairy tales, forest trees and the singing of birds, just like in the picture. If you will go to the forest, be careful […]

Sylwia has found her sister!

450 / 5000 Well, promises must be kept, especially when we promise something to the little princess ❀️ And so Sylwia came to us and finally found her little sister πŸ™‚ Sylwia, her little sister and Lucky Dragon will stay with us, or rather with my little princess, who had to wait so long for her […]

Kallispe Art Dolls in “Art and Style”

This website is devoted to artistic handicrafts on various topics. We can find there, among others works made of wood, fabric, glass, recycled, as well as jewelery, ceramics, painting, graphics, artistic design, sculptures and puppetry. Thank you! 🌸🌸🌸

The Little Prince Anthony

The little prince of Anthony has come as a guest to the wedding ceremony of someone very important to him. First, he visited me and asked for a new suit and a elfin hat πŸ™‚

What a surprise!

Yesterday evening I lost the figurine to finish. I couldn`t find it, I was searching all evening! But suddendly, I look into my daughter’s dollhouse, and all I see: in a tiny doll`s bed, under a tiny pink blanket, on a little pillow, there is my loss! πŸ™‚ “Why did you take my figurine?” – […]

Ari from The Singing Forest

Let me introduce Ari form The Singing Forest. According to an old French legend, Ari is a fairy who takes care of children. Ari is an amazing little fairy who loves children and loves to hear them laugh or sing.Delighted with singing, sometimes she can fulfill one wish that comes straight from the heart. Ari […]

My little elfin girl 🧑

My little girl elfin. Not ready yet, but not alone anymore. He is holding a little brother in her hands. He will also become a little elf one day

Daphne is a Winner!!!

Daphne won the “Ethernal Fairies” May 2018 Intermadiate Category Competition. The competition was organized by the International Art Doll Registry. Thank you to the judges, organizers, winners and everyone who took part in the competition πŸ™‚

New Flower Fairy

The new has arrived πŸ™‚Her body and flowers are made of polymer clay and painted in delicate peach-pink shades. Β 

My girls in magazine

  It’s nice to say that my two girls Bianka and Sophija are in the latest magazine “International Doll Artists Magazine“. The magazine is published by Professional Doll Makers Art Guild and are selling around the world. Thank you veryvery  much!  

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