"Fly... To fly you only need wonderfull dream and a little bit of fairy dust..."

Sprinkled with fairy dust, Little fairy is dreaming… Look, she barely touches the ground!


The Dreaming Fairy  has 8,7 inches (22cm) with base and ponytails. Without the base she has 7,4 inches (19cm). She is created from polymer clay sculpted around strong wire armature, painted and decorated. Her eyes are closed with long and child – delicate brown eyelashes. Her hair are made of tibetan’s lamb mohair and combed in two ponytails with pompoms. Her dress is made of polymer clay (top) and delicate fabrics (tutu -skirt). Her shiny pink top is decorated with polymer buttons and flowers
made by the artist and gold brocate. One her left ankle she has little bow and heart tatoo. She hugs a red heart and dreams. She can be displayed without her wings.


Little Dreaming Fairy is one of a kind doll created from polymer clay without the use of molds.
Every tiny detail of her little body was sculpted with special attention – fingers, feet, nose.
She was created through many days. She is unique and will be never duplicated.

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