Safe purchase

Arts and prints are available on my ingternet store, and some of them are available at Etsy and eBay as well. These are international sales portals that ensure a safe sales transaction, in addition, there is the possibility of tracking the shipment. There is also the possibility of paying by card and using the PayPal system. There are pre-sale offers on eBay where you can bid on a doll at a promotional sale, while figures with a fixed selling price appear on Etsy.

Safe shipment

This is the last stage. I prepare my figurine for the journey as best I can. These are often long journeys, the fairies flyes from Norway to the USA or Australia.
I do everything I can to ensure safe and fast shipment. It is the most important thing for bouth of us! The doll is secured with several materials, it is double-packed. First, it is wrapped in thin foam and bubble wrap.Then it is packed in a box adjusted to the size of a figure. The smaller box is secured with bubble wrap and put into an outer carton which is filled with polystyrene chips or air bags. And although the doll in the middle is about 10 cm in size, the outer box is several times larger, it can even be 40/50 cm wide !!! The outer box is packed and labeled fragile.

I always order a package with a declared value and a tracking option, so you know exactly where the shipment is. During the transfer, I supervise the shipment route and answer any additional questions, if necessary, contact the shipping company for more information. Once the parcel has been posted, I am waiting impatiently for the moment of delivery and contact from the New Fairy`s Owner. Only  if I`d received a positive confirmation of delivery, the transaction is completed.