... just make a wish ...

If any of my fairies had paid your attention so much, that you would like to have her or him at your place just make a wish... and I will fulfill your dream 🙂


I will create a doll similar to the chosen one, in the same style: eyes,hair, clothes, wings, colors. The new fairy will be not the same but similar. My fairies are created without any molds or forms and your doll will be also free of that 🙂 Unique, and one of a kind: one doll for one heart 💚💙💜

Before you order Kallspe Art Doll:

What it looks like to order a handmade doll

Did any of my fairies paid your attention so much , that you would have her at your place?

Thats the best place to start the adventure in Kallispe`s Fairyland! Here you will find out how the order of the Kallispe`s Doll looks like.

All you have to do is write your wish and send it here, at kallispeartdolls@gmail.com. After receiving your wish, I will write when it is possible to start creating a figurine for you, possible working time and the price. The average creation time is 3-4 weeks from the scheduled starting date. After 7-10 days from our agreement, I will send the parameters of the figurine and photos of new fairy, that is made especially for you. Once the doll is made and approved, it is placed in the online store in private listing, that is reserved only for you. After purchasing the figurine, you will receive a confirmation of purchase, and the fairy will be prepared for the journey (safely packed with documents and Certificate f Authenticity) and will be shipped in 3 working days. Once your doll is shipped, you will receive a tracking number so that you know where your doll is and how her (his) journey goes!

The shipping period depends on where you live and ranges from 2 to 8 weeks, you can also pick up the doll in person, but please note that live in the land of fjords, Norway.

I am happy to answer any additional questions, just write to me at kallispeartdolls@gmail.com!