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Do you like exclusive things? Do you value unique things? What if you  received something that is made only for you and only for you, something that is unique and exceptional?

Is this what you are exactly looking for?

What is OOAK?

OOAK means "one-of-a-kind". This term is used for items made in single copies, unique and unrepeatable. OOAK is a very broad concept and can encompass many fields of art. As for dolls, they can be single-unit dolls, but they can also be replicated and customised or modified in manufacturing processes. Those dolls can be made of several metarials, for example - polymer clays, resins, porcelain or fabrics.

Kallispe Art Dolls

All the dolls presented on this website are handmade by me and only in one copy. Dolls are not poseable, they have no moving parts. Some of them have removable wings, hats, or other accessories. Small fairies are about 3,5-4,7 inches  (9-12 cm) high, larger fairies are about 10 inches (25 cm), while the softdolls are about 16 inches (40 cm). Each figurine is made right  from the scratch, from a block of polymer clay. They are shaped, painted, I add hair, styling, photos and publications. Making such a figurine requires experience with plastic mass, knowledge and understanding the principles of anatomy, sculpture, pattern and many plastic techniques.

What is Kallispe Art Doll?

To explain this, it’s best for me to turn this up side down, and tell me what such a doll is not 🙂

This is something that you cannot buy in a friend’s shop, or in a 1 Dollar Store, or a shop with souvenirs, shells and candlesticks. Because it is not a candlestick, it is not a frame, nor is it a cheap trinket from China. This is not something your child can play in order to throw it away after few minutes. This is not just another decoration that you will wipe the dust off every week and which the cat has knocked on the floor for the tenth time.

The Kallispe Art Doll is a creature that is born in my own hands. I create them from type of clay, which becomes plastic, soft, and flexible only from warm, working hands.

This creature is not made in an hour, or even in one afternoon, it requires many days of work and attention to every, even  the smallest detail. The doll’s head is only a few centimeters in size, maybe an inch, and in the photo it takes up almost the entire monitor. By making this head in such a small scale, it is enlarged in the photo by up to 1000%. There are no shortcuts here. It is not possible to make such a figurine quickly and cheaply. With 12cm figures (4,7 inches), every detail and every flaw is visible.

Do you remember the capricious and delicate Rose from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? Well, Kallispe Doll is like Rose.

This little being is fragile, and when it falls from the high, it will break. If you expose it to frost, it may crack. When exposed to the intense sun for a long time, it can fade. If you leave her or him on a dresser without a dust cover, the dust sticks to the doll’s hair.

But it is also something,  that no one will pass by without attention. It is something so different from everything that surrounds us, so realistic in its fairytale that it’s even hard to tell about it. It’s the feeling that as soon as you turn around this little plastic kid will really fly off on his wings. It is difficult for me to describe what these dolls really are because there are no earthly words for them. For me, it is:

It is a little bit of magic, unearthly, different, totally from another world. Kallispe`s Fairyland is a child’s world where there is joy, unbridled curiosity, a bit of adventure, and always a happy ending.

Not ordinary Doll

What does it feel like to open the package with the Little Fairy inside? – In my opinion, it is the feeling of the woman who discovered Thumbelina in her tulip felt, and almost the same feeling the Little Prince felt when he saw a red Rose emerging from a green bud.

Kallispe Dolls are not ordinary things and they are not for ordinary people. I don`t even dare to write that they are the perfect gift for everybody. Not every person granted with such a thing will be able to appreciate and understand its beauty. So please, carefully choose the people you want to give such a gift to. The Kallispe Doll is not for everyone. It is intended only for those who can see with their heart, because only in this way can they discover the magic hidden in these figures. “Have your heart and look into the heart”, wrote Adam Mickiewicz. And, following the words written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry:

 “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”, said the Little Prince.

This can only be understood when you will see this one Fairy made for your heart.

Kallispe Art Dolls , are not an ordinary things, Kallispe dolls should be treated with love and respect as they truly deserve it. And they are worth it in every millimeter of their polymer body!


If this is what you are looking for

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