Half page of the International Doll Artists Magasine has turned into blue!

In December last year I was participating in little contest, that was publicated in Facebook. I send a photo of Anthony Cornflower and the judges liked him so much, that he was publicated in their Magazine.  The January International Doll Artists Magazine is ready to purchase. 

It is worth to read. It`s dedicated bouth for atists and collectors all over the world. Is it a magazine, thats shows the most beautifull art dolls that I have ever seen. It`s a sorce of tutorials, tips and tricks how to create them!⁠


Anthony in the Dolls Magazine!

And this is my Little Anthony in the newspaper. He seems to be a little ashamed or imbarassed. Isn`t it sweet?….

Anyway, if you are intereseted, you can purchase International Doll Artists Magazine here: https://internationaldollartists.com/.