Karina Sewera

Polish artist born in Poland and living in Norway. Drawing, painting and modeling from modeling clay was her hobby from early childhood. In 2004, she get master's degree of Landscape Architecture in Warsaw and started working in this profession. She have started to sculpt OOAK dolls since 2010. She taught her self from online tips and tutorials. In the years 2010-2014 she ran an online forum conserning ooak. After a few years of break in the years 2014-2017, she returned to making dolls. She lives and works in Norway sine 2014. She does both individual and custom work. Most of dolls that she made are in private collections.

Fairies creation:

A pinch of sun

Glow from the amber sky

A drop of shining morning dew,

The scent of spring awakening,

Pour the ingredients into a jar

Stir, listen and blow

And at the end… love it


Fairyland`s Dreams

I start making the doll from the head. After it hardens in the oven, I attach it to the wire skeleton. Then I shape the body of a little fairy. The doll is shaped by my hands and with the tools for shaping small elements. After the modeling is completed, the figurine is baked at the temperature of about 130 ° C. After cooling down, the doll is painted with heat set paints or pastels powder.

Little Fairy

When I have a fully formed model I sand it, and add glossy varnish for lips, eyes, and nails. Then I add clothes and hair on (they are gluted permanently), I also prepare the wings. Hair: I use the Tibetan lamb mohair, alpaca hair, which is very fine and silky soft to the touch.For larger dolls I sometimes choose hair from viscose. For clothes, I choose delicate materials, such as the best qualities of cotton. Sometimes I make clothes from polymer clay.


The wings are made of various types of thin and delicate transparent films or delicate cotton fabrics. They are supported by metal wires. For decorating I choose soft and delicate marabou feathers or synthetic fibers. The wings can also be decorated with glossy varnishes, glitters, zirconia, colored pigments, or even with the motives from decoupage napkins! The wings are usually removable for safe travel to the new home. If the figurine is sitting on the base, as a base, I use wooden, ceramic, or anything else that catches my eye! The figurine is also removable from the base from safe shipment.

If this is what you are looking for

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If you dream about a specific figurine, write to me, I can fulfill your order individually. If one of my fairies has caught your attention and won’t be forgotten, let me know, I can always make her sister or brother! It will not be 100% the same doll, but will be in the same style, dress, wings, hair, eyes.
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