Once upon a time, there was a magical story….

Dragons have always loved fairies. Fairies just have this special magical charm, that dragons cannot resist…





White Dragon had a friend Fairy Lola. He liked to talk with her for hours! They had a lovely time together.

But Lola wasn`t happy, she always missed adventures. One day, she decided to move to Australia.

So, beautiful Lola has flown away, she left Magic Dragon behind.

The dragon was so sad, that he didn`t want to talk with anyone anymore. He hid in a cave and waited for better times.

Time passed by day by day, year after year…

Suddenly, one cloudy day, dragon was woken up by noice. He heard a crying baby.

“Is there anybudy? ” – He heard quiet, sweet vice -“Anybudy to help? I lost! I lost my sister and I am alune…. “- the little voice cried.

So, the White dragon relucantly stuck is head out of the cave, and see a little flurry hairy ball. But this ball had a head and hands, and even tiny feet, and the sweetest face that he has ever seen. He had no idea what being it could be, it was definitely not a fairy yet, but it was shaking from could, and was crying with real tears.

“Oh, my dear friend.” – The dragon answered, and hug the little one with his warm fluffy tail. – ” I don`t know where is your sister. I was in this cave for 8 years, and I am a bit sleepy… “

“I am hungry… and I alune… I am afraid to be alune”… The little furry being started to cry, and the dragon saw tears follen from little eyes.

“Don`t you cry, sweetness… I can take care of you for some while. I won`t let you be alone. I am the White Magic Dragon. I will charm up any food you would like to. What you would like to eat my dear?…”

That’s how it started. White Dragon took care of little Flurry Fluffy Baby, he warmed her, fed her, gave her shelter, company, and was not alone anymore. Flurry Baby had a good time also, she felt safe with the beautifully soft and warm dragon.




Dragon tried to find an older sister, but he didn`t know from which World she was, where to look for. It was impossible to get everywhere at the same time, even for a magic dragon. But one day he found her, actually she has found them. The magic dragon knew that she is coming, he could felt beautiful fairies scent fairies from the distance. This time he was surprised because before he saw her, he felt… cookies! Sweet strawberry cookies! When he saw her, he was surprised. She was smaller than those faries that he has known before.


She must have been a princess, she had a gold little crown on her head. “Of course she is a princess,” The dragon thought “She is all in pink. Little princesses are always dressed in pink!”.




“My little sister, I shouldn`t let you go that far!” The little princess cried. “I am so happy to find you!” Little Fairy was very happy to find her sister. She was very grateful for the dragon for took care of her! And besides, she always dreamed to meet a real flurry magical dragon! It was so nice to meet a real magical dragon itself! Little Fairy Princess Silvia and her Little Flurry Sister decided to stay a little bit longer, so they stayed for a few hours, one day more, and another day more… and so on…

That`s real happy ending! Silvia finally found her little sister, and felt in love in a magical dragon, who had to wait so long for her fairy sorry … fairy princess…




And they lived happily ever after!

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