Spring secret...

Let me share a secret with you: a new little fairy has been born!
She came to Earth right before Spring and will help trees, flowers, and animals to wake up from the winter dream. 

It starts from the heart. Then I make eyes, this time in deep blue color. Next, I create the head, it`s on a wooden stick. I use tools, brushes, and fingers to create a face of a little fairy. This head has one inch. After baked and sanding, I put delicate pastel moist to highlight the feature of the face.

I have connected her head with her body, added ears. In the end, I will paint one more time with heat-set paints, add freckles and a little bit more eyebrows 🙂 

I will add also a lacquer to clean, brighten and shine up her blue eyes. 
There is a photo with her wire and strong Cernit clay inside. That`s how my dolls look inside.
If you would like to know more how my dolls are created read here. 

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If one of my fairies has caught your attention and won’t be forgotten, let me know, I can always make her sister or brother! It will not be 100% the same doll, but will be in the same style, dress, wings, hair, eyes.
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